Integrative Medicine Consultations

Integrative Medicine Consultations Questions and Answers

Dr. Rahi’s Anti-Aging and Integrative Aesthetics Specialist, provides top-of-the-line integrative consultations, which are extremely fundamental to address a wide spectrum of any health problems you may be suffering from. Call us today to learn how we can help you or schedule an appointment online! We have convenient locations to serve you in Beverly Hills CA, and SoHo NY!

Integrative Medicine Consultations Near Me in Beverly Hills, CA and SoHo, NY
Integrative Medicine Consultations Near Me in Beverly Hills, CA and SoHo, NY

What is an integrative medicine consultation?

Integrative medicine consults can be beneficial to anyone seeking an individualized and comprehensive plan to healing with treatment from a variety of symptoms and conditions. Consultations are conducted by Dr. Rahi herself, and during the consultation Dr. Rahi takes into consideration all facts that influence your health, wellness and disease as well as your body, mind, spirit and community.

Our treatment focuses on the prevention of chronic illness through nutrition, exercise, stress management, supplements and herbal medicines to promote a healthier you.

What can I expect from an integrative consultation?

Usually, our integrative consultations run about an hour long for each appointment. Dr. Rahi will meet with you, take all the detailed personal and family history you have and go over any medications, supplements and diet restrictions. From there we will assess your health concerns, evaluate your symptoms and order any necessary tests.

Most of our patients leave feeling reassured and educated. Education is a huge part of our naturopathic treatment, and we will make sure you walk away with a deeper understanding of how your or your family’s health works. You will be respected and listened to, and leave feeling inspired and hopeful.

What is an example of integrative medicine?

During your appointment at Dr. Rahi for Integrative Medicine, we may run through the following to make sure all of the information we have about your health is accurate and up to date, we may do the following:

  • Diagnosis and assessment:
    Diagnosing what health issues, you have will help us to be able to provide the best treatment possible. Our doctor uses a number of assessment tools to get to the root cause of your condition and get right to the heart of the diagnosis.
  • Physical exam:
    Our doctor will offer an assessment which may include a physical exam of the affected area(s) of your body, and any area(s) that we think might be related. A few areas of the body the doctor might have an interest in checking into more could be your eyes, ears, listening to your lungs and heart or feel your abdomen for tender spots. Dr. Rahi might also do an orthopedic test on your joint and muscles for any pain.
  • Laboratory testing:
    As your integrative consultation doctor, it is important that we know what is going on with your body on a biochemical level. For this, we might ask you to provide blood test results to assess cellular function or determine if there may be any foods you may be sensitive too. We only ask you to get done the necessary tests in order to get a clearer picture of what is happening with your body.

Does Dr. Rahi provide integrative consultations?

Yes, she does! Dr. Rahi’s Anti-Aging and Integrative Aesthetics Specialist offers integrative consultations and treatment to our clients looking to take a step in the right direction towards their health and wellness.

Dr. Rahi is a known name in the field of aesthetics, integrative medicine and anti-aging in Los Angeles. Her reputation showcases an innovator with a mission to build the ideal solutions for her clients that carry both rejuvenation and inner health. She continues to provide hope and confidence to those who seek her out for her modern services and continue to leave feeling they have received the top treatments and help.

Book an appointment today to find out how we can help you to attain your health goals! We are based in the beautiful city of Beverly Hills located in California’s Los Angeles County two blocks from the iconic Rodeo Drive at 9615 Brighton Way #333, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Home to many Hollywood stars, Dr. Rahi features a state-of-the-art Anti-Aging facility designed to ensure all of our patients feel welcomed, comfortable and nurtured during their time here. We serve patients from Beverly Hills CA, SoHo NY, Santa Monica CA, Culver City CA, Brooklyn NY, Manhattan NY, and Bronx NY.