Lip Injections Specialist Questions and Answers

Lip Injections Specialist Questions and Answers

Visit Dr. Rahi’s Anti-Aging and Integrative Aesthetics Specialist for a lip injection treatment that is custom tailored to fit your lip shape, style and fullness. Call us today or schedule an appointment online! We have convenient locations to serve you in Beverly Hills CA, and New York NY!

Lip Injections Specialist Near Me in Beverly Hills, CA and New York, NY
Lip Injections Specialist Near Me in Beverly Hills, CA and New York, NY

At Dr. Rahi’s Anti-Aging and Integrative Aesthetics Specialist, we ensure masterful lip injections, that give the perfect pout that is full and naturally shaped. Lip injections not only give you the ideal lips but also compliments and balances the shape of your entire face as well.

The lips are injected with dermal filler which is a gel consisting of hyaluronic acid, a sugar that occurs naturally in the skin, which exists to hold onto hydration, keeping things full and plump. Hyaluronic acid decreases in skin over time. This injection regenerates this hydrating sugar in the lips, volumizing and softening them. The result is a fuller pout that compliments your entire face.

Do Lip Fillers look natural?

Lip fillers with dermal filler are becoming one of the most requested and popular treatments available. Lip fillers can restore any lost volume in more mature lips, but also enhance volume and proportions in a client’s lip that is younger as well.

We understand you may be worried about lip fillers not looking natural; however, we take our treatments very seriously and understand that choosing the right filler is important when doing dermal lip fillers, as product selection is extremely important as a first step in achieving the desired outcome the patient is looking for.

Second step is understanding how much product should be injected, we don’t want to disregard the integrity of our clients natural lip shape, we want to naturally add volume and define it better.

Injecting the dermal lip filler into your lips in the proper place and the technique used also plays a major role in how we put our focus on offering you the most desired lip filler treatment we can.

In the end, with all of the steps we follow to ensure our clients leave looking incredible and thrilled with their treatment, we know we have done everything we can that will make the lips look natural with added volume to a beautiful pout.

Are lip fillers and injections the same thing?

Lip fillers or lip injections are the injection of a collagen or other filler substance that is injected into either one or both of the lips with a needle. Today, hyaluronic acid which is a naturally forming substance found in the body is one of the most common fillers used in lip injections.

Lip fillers and lip injections are considered the same thing, as they both offer an injection for the lips, the only difference is the type of products you can choose from for your lips. Each product can offer slightly different results, this is why it is paramount you choose an injectionist that understands the differences and can recommend the best suited dermal filler for your lips. 

How much does it cost for lip fillers?

Lip filler cost can differ from clinic to clinic, as it depends not only on the products used in the treatment, but the knowledge and quality the injectionist offers per lip filler treatment.

On average, lip filler can range anywhere from $400 to $2,000 for a treatment. You may also notice costs per syringe, as it can vary as not all patients will want a full syringe or even need it. This is why it is best to book a consultation service with Dr. Rahi to go over what product would be best suited for your body, the differences between the products and cost for your lip filler injections.

Does Dr. Rahi provide lip fillers injections?

Absolutely we do! Dr. Rahi has 2 incredible locations to serve you for our lip filler injection treatment in Beverly Hills, CA located at 9615 Brighton Way #333, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 and SoHo, NY located at 594 Broadway #501, New York, NY 10012. Our clinic is based on appointments only, if you are interested in lip injection treatment, contact us today by booking online or calling to book your appointment. We serve patients from Beverly Hills CA, New York NY, Santa Monica CA, Culver City CA, Brooklyn NY, Manhattan NY, and Bronx NY.